Azure Open AI

Provisioning OpenAI on Azure is a simple process, but this first requires the service to be enabled within the Azure subscription.
Service not enabled warning
  • Make the request with your corporate email address.
  • You are signing up on behalf of your organizations.
  • Your organization must own the subscriptions (Visual Studio subscriptions are fine)
  • A Microsoft employee must be listed as a contact they will endorse your application.
  • Applying for GPT4 is a subsequent process and has its own waitlist.
  • DALL: E access will take much longer

The Cognitive Services Gating Support will process your request and email when access is enabled.

Onboarding response email

Once the service is available it can be created like any other Azure resource. The service is currently in preview and is only available in a limited number of regions.

OpenAI service options

The service is currently available in:

  • East US
  • France Central
  • West Europe
  • UK South

Network Restrictions

OpenAI - Network Restrictions

The Azure AI Studio provides a great interface to create models and interact with the service

Azure AI Studio

The Chat playground is a simple interface to interact with the service.

Chat Playground