Azure Exams

Learning Azure is a real worthwhile experience, public cloud has democratised the way we work and the way we think about IT. The cloud is a great place to learn new skills and to get certified. Although daunting at first, the cloud is simple to get started with. For foundational learning its hard to look past John Savill's AZ-900 Course

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a great place to start your Azure journey. The content is free and the learning paths are well structured.
Azure Fundamentals

Exam List

AZ-900 - Azure Fundamentals
AZ-104 - Azure Admin
AZ-204 - Azure Developer
AZ-303 - Architect Technologies
AZ-304 - Architect Design
AZ-500 - Azure Security Engineer
AZ-600 - Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud

Booking an Exam

Booking an exam is easy, it is all done online
  1. Create a Microsoft Account
  2. Go to Microsoft Learn
  3. Click on the Exam you want to book
  4. Click on Schedule Exam
  5. Click on Schedule with Pearson VUE
  6. Click on Sign In
  7. Work through the steps

Exam Tips

  1. Start with the basics: Before diving into complex topics, make sure you understand the fundamentals. Microsoft Learn has a fantastic Azure Fundamentals course (AZ-900) that is a great starting place.
  2. Take practice exams: Practice exams are a great way to prepare for the real thing. Take practice exams to identify areas that you need to brush up on. Microsoft offers a free practice exam for most Azure certifications.
  3. Study relevant material: Make sure you are studying the right material for the exam you are taking. Microsoft offers a wide range of free study material and learning paths to help you prepare.
  4. Make it hands-on: Hands-on experience is important for Azure exams. Try setting up a small lab environment to practice with.
  5. Read the instructions carefully: When answering exam questions, make sure you read the instructions carefully. Many questions have multiple parts, so make sure you answer all parts of the question.
  6. Time management: Managing your time wisely during the exam is key. Each question on the exam has a time limit, so make sure you are not spending too much time on any one question.
  7. Stay calm: It can be nerve-wracking taking an exam, but try to stay calm and focused. Taking deep breaths and relaxing beforehand can help.
  8. Remember, these are general tips and you should always tailor your preparation to the specific exam you are taking.