Bing Chat Enterprise

Having a Private OpenAI secured with business credentials is very important to businesses and their users and the launch of Bing Enterprise Chat is a key milestone in this journey.
The service is a free add on to Microsoft 365 requiring users to have a valid Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard or Business Premium license.

Services change quickly and I suspect this information will be out of date by next week (currently 19th July). Access is either enabled or disabled at a tenant level.

To enable access, you must: Be a tenant administrator.

Within Microsoft 365 Admin Center make sure Microsoft Search in Bing is active
M365 Search Settings

I found I needed to have my account linked in Windows to complete the next step. Without this I recieved an error about not being a tenant administrator.

Windows Linked Account

Go to to opt into Bing Chat Enterprise

Bing Admin Controls

It takes a few hours to come through but to use the service at first I needed to run the Pre-Release version of Edge, but Edge must of updated as I typed this and now works fine.

Edge Preview Experience
Edge Beta

Edge Experience

Chrome Experience

First Impressions are that it is a neat little assistant. The Bing toolbar provides a simple chat or a Compose functionality.

Bing Chat Bing Compose

Content controls are implemented well and I got told off a few times